a platform puzzle game about the environment
silva is a exploration focused puzzle game centered around the environment. The narrative driven game was aimed to be set in 2020 (one year after development). It was heavily influenced by current events at the time of the development, more noticeably, the wildfires in the Amazon and the global environmental crisis. It blends in science fiction with what nature and technology could be in the future. Players control an ambiguous child character throughout the stages: nature, science and destruction. The intended art style is low poly 3d, with a fixed 2.5D perspective to give it a platform level feel.
For this project I designed every aspect from the original concept, documentation and game design. Coding and artwork were supplemented as needed to keep the project on tight deadline to finish the first level.
                       This project started with a simple game pitch to generate ideas about the concept.
 The design document handled all initial thoughts about the game                               including what made it unique, focuses on the gameplay, looking at the                     target audience and doing research on what games already existed in                 the market. 
The prototype implemented basic controls like movement and platforms.
                        The game design document dove more in depth on all the features,                                providing an outline of the game's features and what the players can                              expect. 
The beta began to add in the environment and start to create the level layout.
The alpha makes modifications to the environment, working on the design of the level. Minor bug fixes as well with the player controller and AI elements.
The level design document made clarifications to the environment needed for this first level.
The final working version of the first level. All bugs are fixed and the design is done. Menu design and loading is implemented.
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