GRIMM is a vector based platformer art pack for games. 
It is based on the idea of a Grim Reaper collecting lost souls in a graveyard, while avoiding and defeating evil spirits that are working against them.
 There are tileable level platforms and repeatable environmental assets. The platform features a monochromatic level design done in shades of grey. The characters, collectables and enemies are done in colors to contrast the environment.  
Animations done for player character include: float (idle) and variation, fly, jump and land. Spirit animations consist of an idle state and a collected state. Evil ghosts have a idle/fly animation and a death animation that fades away. The bats have a flying animation and a idle hanging animation. The fog has an idle animation as well.
The environment consists of tileable level blocks and two layers of background mountain tiles. There is also a gradient for a background and end pieces for the level. Within the pack there are several environmental objects to decorate the level including: trees (3 sizes), a small crypt, a gate, a pillar, a large mausoleum, clouds (two variations), a moon, a ladder, a fence, a sign post, graves (3 options), a shovel, a pile of dirt, and grasses (two types).
Art created in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Photoshop (gifs)
Gameplay done in Unity utilizing the Platformer Microgame asset
Sounds and music from, credits in video
© 2021
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